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Saturday, October 21st, 2023

New York’s Tech Valley is home to a video game development cluster, ranging from small, independent studios to internationally recognized names. 1UpState is a new Developer Expo coming to the Albany Capital Center on October 21, 2023. Join us for a day of panels and speakers, networking opportunities, vendors, and an after-party that will be all about the games!

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A New Game Dev Expo

In Person

1UpState is planned to be a live event bringing together members of the industry and community. Streaming options are being considered; more info when it’s available.


Want to know more about game development, or how others are navigating this complex industry? Join us for a day of Presentations and Demos from local industry experts and professionals!

Local Focus

NY’s Tech Valley is home to a wealth of amazing technical and creative talent. See what is being developed, right here, in our own neighborhoods!

Event Goals

Creative Economy

Shining a spotlight on the our vibrant creative and technical community by soliciting exhibitors and vendors on Game Development and/or Gaming Culture. It takes more than just writing code to bring a game to life, and we intend to promote all the creative efforts required to do so.

Workforce Development

Building bridges and creating opportunities for potential future game developers at all levels, from high school clubs, to college curricula, to adult hobbyists, whether they decide to pursue a career in one of the Tech Valley’s globally recognized studios or strike their own path.

Gamer After-Party

After the event, attendees, guests, and exhibitors will be welcomed back for an After Party that’s all about the games: Exhibitors will be invited to demo their games during the afterparty, and a live DJ will provide entertainment.


1UpState needs your help!

We need feedback from the game development community to build our plans around and volunteers to help make it happen!

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