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1. Full Workforce Development Lifecycle Representation

As gaming grows as a hobby, more high schools are embracing its growth by supporting student clubs and events. The support for gaming continues with more colleges supporting Esports teams and offering Game Development curriculums. Once they graduate from college, they will be ready to work for one of the globally recognized studios right here in the Tech Valley Region. From public schools, through college, and into the local workforce, the full workforce development lifecycle will be represented at the same event.

2. Supporting the Creative Economy

There is no denying the robust and vibrant creative and technical community in the Tech Valley Region. 1UpState will promote these creative efforts by soliciting exhibitors which are all focused on either Game Development or Gaming Culture. These will include Game Development studios, independent creators, service providers, local creatives, and crafters. It takes more than just writing code to bring a game to life, and we intend to promote all the creative efforts required to do so.

3. Reduce the Barrier to Entry into the Games Industry

The third goal is for this event to make it easier for gaming enthusiasts and hobbyists to enter the game development industry. Current events serve one of two purposes: Events for consumers of the gaming culture and events that serve as professional networking and development for those already in the industry. Exhibitors and presentation selections will be curated to serve those who are looking to transition their interest into a career.